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  1. Is jaggery healthier than sugar?
  2. Health Benefits Of Jaggery
  3. The Sweet Benefits Of Eating Jaggery for Skin and Health
  4. Tips to buy pure jiggery
  5. Health Benefits Of Jaggery Everyone Should Know
  6. Replace Sugar With Jaggery In Tea For Best Health Benefits
  7. Benefits Of Eating Jaggery And Peanuts In Winter Season

Is jaggery healthier than sugar?

Is jaggery healthier than sugar?

Sugar vs Jaggery Sugar and jaggery are the two most commonly used sweeteners in every Indian household. Sugar comes in the form of white, translucent crystals while jaggery can range from golden brown to dark brown in colour. Both of them are produced using sugarcane juice, but are processed differently. They have different flavours and textures but can substitute each other in various dishes. Sugar does not have a flavour of its own and hence is considered ideal as a sweetener. However, many nutritionists these days recommend substituting sugar with jaggery. So what makes jaggery better than sugar? Let’s find out!


Jaggery is rich in vitamins and minerals

Jaggery is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese and zinc and it is highly recommended for anaemic people. No chemicals are used in preparation of jaggery as compared to refined sugar.


Jaggery is absorbed slowly

Sugar is absorbed instantly in the body whereas jaggery being unrefined is absorbed slowly. Therefore, jaggery doesn’t spike blood sugar levels as rapidly as sugar.


Less calories than sugar​

Jaggery contains slightly less calories than sugar, is sweeter than table sugar and has a high glycaemic index.


Jaggery builds your immunity

Jaggery is jam-packed with antioxidants it can build the immunity and further keep diseases at bay. On the other hand, sugar has been touted as a source of 'empty calories' with no nutritional value. So, when it comes to sugary jaggery is definitely a healthier option.


Jaggery is good for lungs

Jaggery, according to Ayurveda works as an exceptional remedy for treating breathing disorders. Its anti-allergic properties eliminate the toxins and any mucus out of the respiratory system. It helps in treating asthma, cough, cold and chest congestion by cleansing the passage. Sugar has no health benefits.


Sugar can cause weight gain

Jaggery helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance and helps prevent water retention thanks to its potassium content whereas sugar is responsible for inducing sudden blood sugar spikes which leads to weight gain. Replacing sugar with jaggery is a healthier option.


Jaggery helps in digestion

Jaggery also boost digestion by removing toxins from our body. Consuming a piece of jaggery after meals is considered to be very good for the digestive system whereas adding sugar in your diet is equivalent to adding excessive calories in your diet.


Jaggery is natural, sugar is loaded with chemicals​

Sugar goes through numerous refining processes that includes treating it with chemicals and bleaching it which makes it quite harmful for the body, whereas jaggery is a completely natural food.

Health Benefits Of Jaggery

Health Benefits Of Jaggery

Jaggery or Gur is generally made by boiling concentrated and raw sugarcane juice until it solidifies. It is better in comparison to white sugar which simply adds extra calories to the human body. Jaggery comes with a number of health benefits like its ability to cleanse the human body; supporting digestion and offering good quantities of minerals.


What is Jaggery?

Jaggery is unrefined sugar which is called “Bellam” in Telugu, “Gur” in Hindi, “Sharkara” in Malayalam, “Vellam” in Tamil, “Gul” in Marathi and “Bella” in Kannada. It is derived from concentrated raw sugarcane juice. However, it can also be made using different other sources like nolen gur or date palm and coconut sap.


Jaggery that is made from the juice of raw and concentrated sugarcane is the one that is commonly used. Jaggery is made by boiling the juice of sugarcane and then heating it for producing thick crystals. Jaggery consists of sugar in the form of sucrose and is widely used in different food products in the form of a sweetener. It is considered healthier in comparison to refined sugar because there are different plant minerals and phytochemicals preserved in jaggery.


There are a lot of people who avoid having jaggery mainly because of its raw appearance that is not very appealing. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to make it a regular and integral part of one’s diet because it offers essential nutrients and also because it is one of the most effective remedies for different medical problems.


Nutritional Value of Jaggery Per 100g

The carbohydrate content of jaggery is around 98% while its sugar content is 97%. 10 grams of this unrefined sugar offers 38 calories. This Indian sweetener is one of the healthiest substitutes of chemically processed or industrial sugar. It is to be noted that the nutritional value of this unrefined sugar might not satisfy the mineral and vitamin requirements of individuals. However, these nutrients are also not found in the refined sugar that people have on a regular basis. Jaggery comes in colors ranging from dark brown to golden brown and consists of 20% invert sugars, 20% moisture and 50% sucrose. It is also effectively combined with coconut, peanuts, to more nutritional benefits, white sugar and condensed milk.


Health Benefits of Jaggery Jaggery Purifies Blood

One of the most popular advantages of jaggery is that it possesses the ability to purify blood. If consumed regularly, jaggery goes a long way in cleansing blood and in leaving the body healthy. It also helps in preventing different blood disorders and diseases by boosting the count of hemoglobin. Jaggery also boosts immunity and thus helps in the prevention of different blood-related problems


Jaggery Iron Content

Jaggery is quite rich in its content of folate and iron and therefore it helps in the prevention of anemia. Jaggery powder also offers instant energy preventing weakness and fatigue of the human body


Jaggery Mineral Content

Jaggery is packed with minerals and antioxidants like selenium and zinc and these help in preventing free-radical damage. These minerals and antioxidants also help in boosting the body’s resistance to different infections.


Jaggery Skin Benefits

Jaggery proves to be highly beneficial when used for a beauty treatment. It comes loaded with several natural properties ensuring the health of the skin for a very long span of time. It is rich in its content of different minerals and vitamins and thus offers proper nourishment to the skin.


Jaggery Powder also useful in Skin infection, Glowing skin, and also used in skin whitening treatment. Proper nourishment for the skin means healthy and glowing skin. Jaggery is also effective in preventing and treating common skin problems like pimples and acne


Jaggery Benefits for Digestion

Jaggery stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and therefore speeds up the procedure of digestion. Proper digestion helps in regulating bowel movement and in preventing issues like constipation, intestinal worms and flatulence. It is quite effective in maintaining the proper functioning of the digestive system. Properly functioning digestive system means proper prevention of digestive issues and improvement indigestion at the same time.


Jaggery Increase Metabolism

The high mineral content of jaggery and high levels of potassium helps in the management of weight. This is done by reducing the retention of extra water in the human body. The potassium content of jaggery maintains electrolyte balance, improves metabolism and builds muscles help in weight loss.


Jaggery Iron Content

Jaggery is one of the richest sources of iron and therefore it should be eaten in combination with foods that are rich in vitamin C. This helps in the absorption of iron within the body. Jaggery is considered one of the best sources of getting long, smooth, strong, black and healthy hair. Applying jaggery paste on hair prior to shampooing can help in making hair naturally long and beautiful.


Water retention

Minor health issues like water retention, migraine, bloating and cough and cold that are experienced by individuals on a regular basis can easily be dealt with the help of jaggery. The only thing that needs to be done is mixing jaggery with warm water or adding it in tea for reaping instant benefits.


Released hormones

Women who experience mood swings prior to having their periods can greatly benefit from having jaggery. Mood swings are the cause of fluctuating hormone levels in the body. Jaggery helps in the release of happy hormones called endorphins. These relax the body making women feel better.


Jaggery Good for Brain

Jaggery also helps in preventing major issues faced with the nervous system of the body. It contains several natural properties which are of good help in keeping the nervous system functioning properly. This in turn helps individuals in staying healthy and normal.


Jaggery For Respiratory Problems

Having jaggery on a regular basis can help in prevention of different respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. Experts are of the view that taking jaggery in the form of a natural sweetener in perfect combination with sesame seeds can be highly beneficial for the respiratory system in human beings. Jaggery contains properties that help in regulating the temperature of the body and this is something that is highly beneficial for the patients of asthma. It is also worth noting that jaggery contains anti-allergy properties as well


Jaggery for Joint Pain

For the ones who tend to suffer from pains and aches in their joints, having jaggery can offer the much required relief. If experts are to be believed, jaggery when taken along with ginger can work wonders in alleviating joint pain. Having a glass of milk along with jaggery on a regular basis can also help in strengthening the bones and in preventing bone and joint problems like arthritis.


Uses of Jaggery

Jaggery by many people is used as a lining to coat the walls of earthen ovens. In many rural parts of India, jaggery has for decades been used a toothpaste. Inferior quality jaggery mixed with a little dust of tobacco and is used to clean the teeth. Jaggery is also used in cattle feed during winters as it helps them keep warm. it also increases the milk yield.


You can also consume Jaggery with curd, ginger, ghee and warm water, Even in different food recipes, you can use jaggery for sweetness purpose.


Side-Effects & Allergies of Jaggery Consuming high amount of jaggery for a long time can lead to increase in weight. If not consumed in moderation, it may lead to increase in blood sugar levels. Consuming jaggery for a long period can result in intestinal worm infestation and parasitic infections.


Origin And Cultivation of Jaggery Consuming high amount of jaggery for a long time can lead to increase in weight. If not consumed in moderation, it may lead to increase in blood sugar levels. Consuming jaggery for a long period can result in intestinal worm infestation and parasitic infections.

The Sweet Benefits Of Eating Jaggery for Skin and Health

The Sweet Benefits Of Eating Jaggery for Skin and Health

Post meals, do you often open the fridge door and look for something sweet to satiate your sweet cravings, only to feel guilty about all the calories later? What if we told you there’s one food that is sweet, does not contain as many calories and is good for your health? Yes, we are talking about jaggery! A natural sweetening agent prepared using fresh sugarcane, date or palm juice, jaggery is popularly known as gur in India. Growing up in an Indian household, you may have heard about a few health benefits of jaggery but are you aware of how jaggery benefits your skin?


In this article we will tell you all about the benefits of jaggery for skin and health, but before that, let’s find out how to identify pure jaggery to ensure you are getting the good stuff!

  • Tips to buy pure jaggery:
  • Benefits of jaggery for the skin
  • Benefits of jaggery for the health
  • Ways to include jaggery in your diet


Tips to buy pure jaggery:

  • It should from free crystals
  • It should not taste bitter
  • It should not taste salty
  • It should be dark brown in colour
  • It should be hard and not break easily


Benefits of jaggery for the skin Prevents premature ageing

In Ayurveda, premature ageing is treated using the goodness of jaggery, sesame seeds and essential herbs. The reason behind it is, jaggery is a rich source of antioxidants that fights free radicals and postpones the process of ageing. So, if you have started noticing fine lines, wrinkles or age spots on your skin, it is a good idea to swap jaggery in place of sugar in your diet. Even a small quantity, consumed regularly, will give you the desired results.


Reduces pimples

Those with oily and acne prone skin often get pimples out of nowhere. No matter which face wash or cream they use, it doesn't seem to help matters. We have discovered that one of the many benefits of jaggery includes reducing pimples. So, if you’ve tried everything else for your pimples and acne, try eating a lemon sized piece of jaggery every day to keep pimples at bay. This will also clear the complexion, remove spots and make your skin look flawless. The reason why this works is because jaggery is a rich source of glycolic acid that mildly exfoliates and heals acne.


Glowing skin

Glowing skin is always in, but environmental stressors like UV rays, pollution and dust rob our skin of its natural glow, making it look dull and lifeless. However, if you want that glow back, jaggery can be quite helpful. As mentioned earlier, it contains glycolic acid, which is an important ingredient added to many skincare products to improve the texture of the skin. Did you know you can reap the skin benefits of jaggery by applying it topically? Combine powdered jaggery with honey and lemon juice and apply the mix on the face and neck area. Wash after 5-10 minutes and pat dry.


Benefits of jaggery for the health Eases menstrual pain

Is period pain bringing you down every month? The benefits of eating jaggery can help ease this pain and allow you to go about your day as usual. Jaggery water works as a magic potion in easing abdominal pain and cramps associated with periods. Eating jaggery can also help with PMS, as it relaxes your body by releasing endorphins – the happy hormones. So, the next time you are about to get your period, start eating jaggery or drinking jaggery water to make that time of the month go smoother.


Helps in weight loss

Jaggery helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system and boosting immunity, which is essential while trying to lose weight. A rich source of potassium, it helps in balancing the electrolytes as well as improving metabolism. It also reduces water retention, thereby helping you manage and control your weight. Further, it contains high levels of vitamins and minerals that enhance its ability to induce weight loss. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body which accelerates the weight loss journey. Anyone trying to lose weight should try to include jaggery in their daily diet.


Treats cough and cold

In India, the benefits of jaggery were identified centuries ago and have been used since then to treat common ailments such as cough and cold. Those suffering from cough and sore throat often find relief after consuming jaggery. The reason is that it has a soothing effect on the soft tissues of the throat, thereby reducing the itchy sensation. Eating it in its raw form is considered to be the most beneficial, but you can also add it to your tea or mix in water and drink it to get relief from the problem.


Ways to include jaggery in your diet

  • Eating a small piece in its original, undiluted form
  • Adding it to your daily cup of tea as a sugar substitute – preferably black or green tea Mix it with water and consume first thing in the morning to reap maximum benefits
  • Make jaggery chapati by mixing melted jaggery, milk and flour. Knead it into a dough, roll out chapatis, cook on a tawa and eat it fresh.
  • Make a delicious dessert by cooking rice in a pan along with ghee, jaggery, cloves and cardamom. Serve hot.


Benefits of Jaggery FAQs: Is jaggery better than sugar?

Compared to refined sugar, jaggery is definitely better and more nutritious. It is a healthier substitute for the former and can be added to food items where you would normally use sugar. After reading all the benefits of jaggery mentioned above, we are sure you know why it's better than sugar!


Is jaggery good for hair growth?

Apart from offering a lot of skin benefits, jaggery is also beneficial for your hair. A rich source of iron, jaggery can make your hair stronger, healthier and boost hair growth.


Can we eat jaggery every day?

Most people prefer eating jaggery after a meal, as it detoxifies and cleanses the liver by flushing out toxins. Eating a piece of jaggery every day is quite beneficial for both men and women

Tips to buy pure jaggery

Tips to buy pure jaggery
  • It should from free crystals
  • It should not taste bitter
  • It should not taste salty
  • It should be dark brown in colour
  • It should be hard and not break easil

Health Benefits Of Jaggery Everyone Should Know

Health Benefits Of Jaggery Everyone Should Know

During winters my mother always used to serve makki ki roti with gur and ghee. Also, gur and ghee with rolled in chapati tasted heavenly. I cannot forget the taste of gur ki roti with ghee, it tasted just so luscious. Jaggery in Hindi is known as ‘Gur,’ in Kannada it’s called “Bella,” “Sharkara” in Malayalam, and “Gul” in Marathi. In this topic try to learn the health benefits of jaggery.


Basically, jaggery is an unrefined sugar that is obtained from raw sugarcane juice. Jaggery can be made from various sources like a date palm and coconut sap. But, gur or jaggery made from sugarcane juice is commonly used. It is made by boiling sugar cane juice, which then becomes solid and later put into blocks.


Fresh jaggery is amazing during winters. It is rich in vitamins, boosts immunity, and keeps the body warm. It helps to treat cold and cough to control the temperature of the body. Also, one should remember that it is a natural sweetener and a must in all Indian kitchens.


Nutritional Profile of Jaggery

Jaggery is loaded with various vital nutrients; let us take a look into what all nutrition we can derive by eating a small piece of jaggery:

Nutrient : Value

  • Carbohydrates : 9.6 g
  • Sodium : 3.2 mg
  • Iron : 0.6 mg
  • Potassium : 13.9 mg
  • Calcium : 7.9 mg
  • Phosphorus : 3.9 mg
  • Selenium : 0.2 mcg
  • Magnesium : 15.8 mg


The values mentioned above are approximate values present in 10 grams of jaggery


Let us look at the health benefits of jaggery that everyone should know:

Health Benefits of Jaggery:

Prevents constipation:

Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes in the body, stimulates bowel movements thus, preventing and relieving constipation. When bowels don’t get empty and faces are hardened that state is called constipation. Jaggery also acts like a diuretic that stimulates bowel movement. A small piece of jaggery after lunch stimulates digestion and takes care of your overall health.


Purifies blood:

The most well-known benefits of jaggery are that it purifies the blood. When it is consumed on a regular basis and in the limit it cleans your blood leaving your body healthy. Clean blood means a healthier body and it ensures that you are disease-free.


Detoxification of the liver:

Jaggery naturally cleanses the body and reduces the work liver has to do. It cleans the liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body thus, detoxifying the liver. Eat a small piece of jaggery if you want to detoxify your body.


Helpful in Controlling Blood Pressure

Low or high blood pressure, both are not good for your health. It is essential to maintain regular blood pressure to maintain good health. Sugarcane, from which jaggery is obtained, is loaded with sodium and potassium. Both these minerals are beneficial in regulating blood pressure in the body. Therefore, by eating gur on a daily basis, you may ensure that your blood pressure levels are under control.


Immunity booster:

Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium. It helps prevent free radical damage and boosts resistance against infections. Jaggery helps in increasing the total hemoglobin count in the blood.


Relief from menstrual pain:

Jaggery is a nutritious and effective treatment for menstrual problems especially cramps. In case you have sudden mood swings during your menstrual cycle, you can eat a small piece of jaggery to work on the symptoms of PMS as it releases endorphins.


These endorphins relax the body, preventing premenstrual syndrome.


Helps with Weight Loss

A vast majority of the Indian population is fighting with weight loss issues, and it is primarily because of poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you are on a weight loss plan, adding gur to your diet may help too. Gur not only helps in increasing your metabolism but it also prevents water retention in the body. The presence of potassium in jaggery helps in balancing the electrolytes, which in turn helps in building muscle mass. Shed off some unwanted kilos from your body by eating jaggery!


Protects intestinal health:

Jaggery boosts intestinal strength due to high magnesium content. Every 10 grams of jaggery gives 16 mg of magnesium which is 4 percent of the daily mineral requirement for your body.


Prevents anemia: 

Jaggery is iron and folate-rich, which helps to prevent anemia as it ensures that the normal level of red blood cells is maintained. It is beneficial for pregnant women. It maintains the normal level of red blood cells and provides instant energy to the body.


Jaggery FAQs:

Though jaggery is extremely safe for consumption and has no harmful side-effects, however, you still may have certain questions in mind. Worry no more; we shall be answering some frequently asked questions or FAQs in this section


Is Jaggery Good for Diabetes?

Though jaggery is a complex carbohydrate and a natural form of sugar, however, it is sugar after all. This means eating jaggery will increase your blood sugar levels, though a bit slower than refined sugar, it will eventually increase it. Even Ayurveda, which propagates several benefits of jaggery, states that jaggery should not be included in a diabetic diet. If you have diabetes, it will be a wise decision to stay away from any form of sugar, including jaggery.


Is Jaggery Healthier Than Sugar?

White or refined sugar provides our body with only empty calories because it is nothing but a simple form of carbohydrates. On the other hand, jaggery or gur is a form of complex carbohydrate, and it contains an abundance of nutrients and some amount of fiber too, for our body. Therefore, if you compare the health benefits of jaggery over sugar, jaggery is better for our health than sugar.


Include the natural goodness of gur by adding it to your daily diet. You may relish it in its raw form or use this versatile natural sweetener to add sweetness to your desserts, puddings, milk, or even tea. Make sure you procure good-quality gur from a clean place. However, gur is a form of sugar; therefore, you must keep a check on its intake

Replace Sugar With Jaggery In Tea For Best Health Benefits

Replace Sugar With Jaggery In Tea For Best Health Benefits

Tea is the most popular beverage in India. It’s extremely important to begin the day with a cup of tea for tea lovers.   Most Indians love to drink tea though it is true that consumption of tea is restricted by some people as it has sugar, which is the most commonly used sweeteners across the world. But, excessive intake of sugar can harm our body. So, it is best that we find alternatives to sugar. Jaggery is the best alternative to sugar. If you would start using jaggery instead of sugar in tea, you would experience its benefits. In this topic, we try to learn Replace sugar with jaggery in tea for best health benefits   Sugar and jaggery are extracted from sugarcane but the health benefits that jaggery can give you,  sugar cannot. Primarily sugar is a refined form of sugarcane while jaggery isn’t. Jaggery has added benefits since it’s not in the refined form.


Here are some amazing health benefits of jaggery that makes it perfect for your cup of tea:

Warms your body during winters:

Jaggery contains vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium. When you consume jaggery in winters it generates heat in the body and keeps it warm.  


Helps digestion:

People who suffer from constipation should always have a bit of jaggery everyday. It is ideal to have your morning tea with jaggery as it speeds up the digestion after long hours of an empty stomach. It improves the digestion process in the body.  


Rich in Iron:

Haemoglobin contains iron, which helps red blood cells to carry oxygen from the lungs to each part of the body. When you eat portions of jaggery each day it fulfils the requirement of iron and minerals in your body. It is beneficial for people suffering from anaemia.  


Improve immunity:

When ginger is added tea along with jaggery it improves immunity and keeps you away from common cold and allergies.  


Rich antioxidant:

Tea with jaggery is an excellent remedy to get rid of toxins in your body. Jaggery is like a cleansing agent to your body and flushes off all the toxins from various organs. It improves your overall health.   Your skin begins to glow too. It also strengthens the bones and joints.  


Controls weight:

When you consume jaggery in controlled amounts it helps you in the journey from being fat to fit. You lose weight and shed a few kilos especially on your tummy area. It creates a healthy metabolism and helps to digest food better.  


The remedy to cold and cough:

Jaggery is often considered to be the best remedy for cold and cough. It warms your body naturally and doesn’t have any side effects. Have it daily when you are not well it quickens the healing process in the most natural way.

Benefits Of Eating Jaggery And Peanuts In Winter Season

Benefits Of Eating Jaggery And Peanuts In Winter Season

We all remember as kids how during Makar Sankranti and Lohri we enjoyed jaggery, groundnuts and til (sesame) ladoos. These ladoos are made to give some warm calories to our body amidst chilling cold. During winter gud or jaggery combined with groundnut is just the best snack.


India is a tropical nation and is blessed with changes in seasons. It is in our culture and tradition to celebrate all seasons as different festivals are attached to each change of season. Each festival attached to a season has a unique diet or recipe cooked during that season. There was a deeper understanding of these changes in diet or recommended recipes. It was all based on the changing environment, temperature and seasonal changes.


In summer, the weather is hot and humid, so the body craves balancing foods with coolants that could be easily digested. Food that generates heat during the digestion process was avoided in the summer season but these heat-generating foods were consumed in winters. These practices were passed through generations, which were beautifully woven in our daily life.


This is the reason why the world around us is interested in knowing about our Indian culture and traditions.


Why eat peanuts?

Peanuts contain folic acid, protein, and sugar. It has all the nutrients containing in almonds, pistachio and cashew nuts.  They also have proteins, sugar and adhesive. When you consume peanuts it treats anemia. Research has backed the belief that the body’s immune system is boosted by peanuts. It also keeps our heart healthy.


Benefits of peanuts:

  • Peanuts reduce the risk of stomach cancer.
  • It is rich in energy
  • It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  • Low risk of weight gain and colon cancer. Helps infertility
  • Fights depression
  • Helps in weight management
  • They are rich in protein and amino acids which is good for the growth of the overall development of the body.
  • It fights against heart diseases, Alzheimer and infection. Prevents against stroke.


Why eat jaggery?

When you eat 20 grams of jaggery every day it benefits your body. It is filled with nutrients like iron and calcium.


Benefits of jaggery:

Jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice to a certain temperature.


Putting the mixture in the molds to set. And when it cools down it is then packed to distribute to shops and retailers. The best time to consume jaggery is in winters as winters are the season of sugarcane and you get very fresh jaggery to consume which helps in boosting the immunity and fight against cold and cough.


Jaggery should be consumed every day at least 10-20 grams. It eases up the blood circulations, removes toxin and gives shine to the face.


You get a lot of options available in the market of this combination, one such is chikki. But I would suggest trying this one and not chikki. If possible have organic peanuts, roast them up, peel. Partner it with pure organic soft jaggery.


Nuts and jaggery: A nutritious combination;

Having peanuts with jaggery is the best snack that can be relished at any time of the day. It is healthy and nutrient-rich. It gives the necessary dose of folic acid and calcium. This helps you overcome the problems of calcium deficiency, bone, and dental problems. It increases your immunity thus, helping you to fight diseases.


Consuming jaggery with peanut relieves menstruation challenges faced by women. It eases up the circulation of blood in our body. But don’t consume it excessively.


Jaggery with peanut is good at removing toxicity from our body and this brings back the glow on your face.


When peanut and jaggery are mixed to make different foods like chikki, papdi and ladoos children also relish it instead of just handing them over a handful of groundnuts and jaggery. You can crush the groundnuts and grated jaggery to mix it to make tasty ladoos. This is a quick and instant way to make something delicious and healthy.

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